Friday, February 18, 2011

Adobe Photoshop II

After learning almost everything about dslr it is time for me to move on to adobe and previous i post about Color Splash where you can find the post  by clicking the link here. Color Splash tutorial. 

Well i was actually thinking of showing you use some Mask effect where Multiple same person appear in one picture but sadly my friends left to somewhere else so i guess i have to wait when i had some helper around.

Now here are some of the picture that i took from Gaya Street. Notice that this are not some regular dslr produce picture. They are actually edited by Adobe Photoshop.

The tool that i use are regular basic skills. Brush Tool with Low Opacity and different kind of Mode.
As you are editing the picture you might need to play around with the Color to match the picture.

Color Splash
The Stone Piano
Want to watch tv?
Hidden sunset from Sutera Habour
Gaya Street

Here i want to show you some of the before and after effect since the pictures above are all "after effect". I don't think you need to pay close attention to realize how big are the differences are.

Tutorial: Brush Tool on your left side bar second column, Adjust the Mode, Opacity and Color to achieve your desire effect. Just open your eye big big and find those words and icon around in your photoshop. It is very basic yet it is able to create fantastic effect.

Shin Chan


  1. Photoshoped the toilet...rite? xD

  2. photoshoped the toilet? which picture? 0.0?