Monday, February 7, 2011

Can't Wait

It is just the 4th day of Chinese New Year and i am already bored like hell.
I start to roll around my bed and kick my pillow up to the ceiling like nobody business.
I close and open the refrigerator door again and again hoping that some amazing nice food would appear inside.
I even recounted my ang pau money again and again hoping that i miss count the amount and hoping that there is another Zero to the total amount of ang pau that i received.

But  all those didn't help me to kill the time at all. I wrote about a post on how to kill your CNY with video but sad to say i have already watch all the video long before CNY and i am slacking around.

In the mist of boredoom, all of sudden i got inspire of writing something.
I start to remember how i tell myself i can't wait to complete something in my life and come to think of it i really had can't wait for almost everything in my life to be done.

11 year old - Can't wait to finish UPSR.
14 year old - Can't wait to finish PMR.
16 year old - Can't wait to finish SPM.
17 year old - Can't wait to get my driving license.
18 year old - Can't wait to finish my STPM
20 year old - Can't wait to finish my Degree

I wonder if all this while i couldn't wait for my education to end. so what happen after i am graduate?
I might probably end up waitless because there is nothing to be wait anymore. Except for one thing that i can't wait for.

21 year old - i can't wait to get my first million in bank. 

Far fetch wild dream but working doesn't harm anyone at all.

At least i did something that i always love to do.

Jin Yin 22 year old birthday cake. 
Clearly her cake did not survive from her face. We learn our lesson hard when we also had to finish up the cake from the terrible impact.

At least she got her all time favorite idol Wu Chun on the spot to celebrate birthday with her.

As usual every year it is our tradition to gather at Yap's house for the great lunch reunion among our classmate. With the help of facebook this year there are more people attending the lunch. It was really shocking to see how friend change from thinner to fatter or probably from normal to hot chicks.
Few more years and i believe those girls are going to carry their babies around and we guys would just remain holding our girlfriend hands if we manage to get one.

Vigita & Me
We rock KK, like it or not.

My Rayban!

Group picture of the year
All this time we never had so big group before and this year we manage to do it with the help of facebook. :)

The grey hamster
Brown Hamster
Hamster are really adorable. When i stay at my own place i think i am going to have one.

Creativity is endless

I believe tones of people are not satisfy with such a short amount of days for chinese new year holiday. I am actually still in the slacking and lazy mode but i still got to get my ass up and attend classes.

Shin Chan


  1. hahahahhaha... The can't wait thing is cool!
    Just like me nw.. 17 and 5 months old cant wait to get driving license.. =P

  2. i think im more attracted to the manicure than the hamster. *___*

  3. shelby : that day saw you and this time i really say hi to you already. ;p haha good luck for your driving license!

    Jillian : i got tones of manicure sample in my course because most of them are girls.

  4. Thanks Shin Chan =P
    Are u happy that we both said hi to each other already? =) Happy CNY~