Monday, February 14, 2011

Creative Advertisement

I am not sure how many of you are paying attention to the advertisement these day on our local tv channel but most of them are really make no sense at all and seriously came out of no where and lack of creativity.
Here are some of the hilarious videos advertisement that our local ads maker should learn one or two from them.

I want to you to know that the below advs doesn't not bring the meaning of me promoting you to drink alcohol but instead you should try to view it from the comedy side of it.

From Denmark Tuborg Beer adv

It is really hilarious how true it is when it comes to alcohol and beauty. Believe it or not, i think most of the guys or ladies would agree that the more you drink, the more prettier other people are. Because you got tipsy and everything seem beautiful for you.

Axe Deodorant adv

Okay this is for sure our local channel wouldn't air it, but think of it as a hilarious video or adverts!

Levis Jeans ads

Sometimes being blind isn't that bad after all.

Doritos® - Crash the Super Bowl 2010 Finalist - House Rules

Now let's take a look at some of the homemade adverts video. They are seriously awesome
Doritos is a famous crackers and people are doing the ads to win prizes. Look at the awesome kid. He slap the man real hard! and say. lay your hands off from my doritos and my mama. LOL

Doritos® - Crash the Super Bowl 2010 Finalist - Snack Attack Samurai

This is even more hilarious. people are killing for the sake of Doritos.

Same goes to the following video.

Doritos® - Crash the Super Bowl 2010 Finalist - Kids These Days

Kids these day had low respect for elder people. believe it or not i personally experienced it before. I once fetch a teenager along my way to Church under a friend request and the moment he step into my car. He actually open the back door and sit behind the car and did not greet me at all. WTF he totally treat me like a driver and he is a rich kid. Can't blame him but his parent for the lack of education.

Well the reality is, most of our advertisement need to follow a clear strict rules and cannot be too controversial or related to any adult nor sensitive issue of the control to avoid unwanted sparks among races and religion.

Thank God we got youtube these day and we can enjoy all sort of videos.

Shin Chan.

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