Thursday, February 24, 2011

Current Question - Human

These day when i meet my old friends the first question that pop out from their mouth is " How is UMS". Although normally i would answer them in general but it reach to a point where it struck my mind and even i question myself how is UMS?

Come to think of it i never really complain about uni but basically there is nothing wrong about the campus. The infrastructure is nice, library is awesome cafe is still reasonable well, staff and lecturer are still helpful enough, laboratory contain enough explosive, the road is smooth to drift my car and the aircon is cold enough to freeze myself up.

Not bad for a 15k 4 years course i would say but here comes the bad news.

Human the hardest living thing to deal with.

I might not be a talented singer or dance, but my long term friends knows that i got the sharpest observation and greatest patient among them.

I observed that some people these day doesn't like hard work and  love to say "I don't know" even without any initial effort. They got stress up and give up easily and wouldn't even bother to think harder or further to complete the task given. Giving all kinds of rainbow face with the obvious expressing saying " I hate my given job".

I observed that certain people love to take in charge of everything and speak 'blade' words without even processing their language. Action might speak louder than words but words hurts the heart more than action. Inmature

I observed that people only look at the end product and less appreciative for you job, they wouldn't bother how hard you work as long as they get a Grade A, everything is perfectly fine. Smile to you cheer with you as if their contribution weight equally with you.

I observed that people only look for you when they need help and they even ask extended flavors without hesitation. Double faces and telling broad day light lies thinking that i wouldn't be able to notice it are just the silliest mistake you can ever make in your life.

I observed that studying in university open up my eyes to all the reality crap that i might be facing in future. I realized that not every superman need to wear a super tight blue and red shirt or a S diamond symbol on their chest.

Look at the bright side, things are going to changes from now on. I got my new principle set on last year. I vowed to myself that whoever brings discomfort in my life, i will erase them away. When i was younger friends often tell me to befriends with your people that you don't like or enemy and i just knob my head with full agreement but now , Like it or not there are approximately 6,901,900,000 population in the world and i bet your facebook had more than 1000 friends so losing one or two friends in the world wouldn't change anything.

What i am trying to say is, be with friends that bring happiness to you, share the same dreams and support you too. Ignore those that go against you because there is no point of hanging around with them.

Shin Chan

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  1. Walao ! You've shout out what I want to.
    Anyway, salute for you, Superman !
    Just wanna drop by and said "I understand how bad you felt toward those crap as I have tonnes of crap here urging me to move away from them".
    Enjoy life in God's existence. That's how I encourage myself when I'm helpless.