Monday, February 21, 2011

Friendly Fire

Yes just like stated on the title of the post. I accidentally did a friendly fire on my team mate in the paint ball competition and cause the whole team to lose. The feeling isn't great because i was the only guy in the entire game that had play it for 8 times already.

Wasn't sure how to react when the gun got accidentally fire towards my teammate. It was unbelievable come to think of it. I guess i owe my whole team a great apologize and also i need to send myself to a corner and slowly reflect what really happen back then.

So what really happen back then?
It was a perfect second round start and i told myself to keep my gun tight to the chest and make sure my fingers are perfectly close half way through the gun trigger. I told myself that i would shoot anyone in target and yes i did show anyone in target including my team mate. -.- Wrong call for me.

Even i wasn't sure how did it happen but it all started when i was trying to check on my team mate by pointing my guns towards them. All of the sudden the finger go snap and my team mate got fire and i got disqualify.

The post effect was really great because i don't know how to explain it to my teammate how did it happen. It was a pure accident after all. Now i understand how does those police, army or SWAT felt when they accidentally kill their own teammate. It was unbearable and thank God it was just a game and my teammate was still there standing and scold the hell out of me. Hilarious in a way, freaky in another way. The confident level drop and i got phobia of holding the gun again just like how any other cops would feel.
The feeling was intense and isn't a great thing to remember but something to learn from.

Nobody would actually believe if they hear Chan accidentally friendly fire his teammate on paintball. Except he was doing it intentionally but it was accident.

Although i shouldn't be giving out some of the reason that why it might happen but this is what i think happen to me.

Not having breakfast before the game cause finger to go trembling and the mind wasn't ready for any emergency situation. Next i woke up 20 minutes and started the game with a sleepy mode.

At the end of the day, my teammate admitted how does it feel for being shoot blindly by teammate. It was epic to the MAX

Just when i think that everything is perfect and fine, that is the time when i start to make the worst mistake ever. 

Laugh it out if you guys want but it is worth laughing and something to learn from me. LOL

Shin Chan


  1. aiyo paintball also so serious one ah ? >.<

  2. yea. :S haha because it was a stupid mistake and cause the whole team to lose. if it wasn't for my careless mistake we might won the tournament and fame would be on our shoulder. Ego was the one that got hurt at the end of the day. LOL