Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy Playboy Year

While most people greet each another Happy Bunny Year, Happy Chinese New Year. I redirected myself from the trend and create a special way of greeting people which are close to me.

For a typical good boy and girl you might or might not heard of Playboy and i don't want to explain what does Playboy company do  but basically playboy company logo is a bunny. So Happy Playboy Year. 

My KL family reunion was normal but warm enough put a smile in everybody face. I even get to meet up with some blogger and have a tea with one of them.

Shannon took me to this nice cafe Austin Chase at The Gardens. It was consider reasonable and they have breakfast offer all day long. So you won't have to worry about what time you wake up anymore.

Caramel Mocha RM13.50, Hazelnut ice chocolate RM13.00 & Mille Crepe Chocolate Velvet RM14.90

Shannon Chow
This is the girl that is found guilty for making me got addicted to Nutella the Chocolate Jam. I even promised her that i will be doing a blog about 10 ways of eating Nutella. -.- i guess i am going nuts soon.

Me , cousin bro, & my brother

I never really share anything about my family pictures of post on blog before because i believe some things are better off keep as private but this year i loosen up a bit and decided to post up a picture of my cousin bro and brother. Too bad a few of my cousin brother are at oversea or else the house would be even more merrier.

Long live Chan's empire! we shall dominate the world with our .. hmm.. with our... with our.. * out of words.

Anyway guys, happy chinese new year and don't gamble so much.

Shin Chan


  1. Well, I think I have a Nutella lover as roommate. She can finish one bottle in one week, as well as the peanut butter.

  2. mitchell : she must be crazyy

    shannon : ya ya~ i know~