Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Greetings Humanoids. I am now in Mars and i all i want to say is Happy Valentines Day. For your information. We at Mars do not celebrate Valentines Day but we do Singelion Day aka only for a group of single people only.

But lord have mercy on me and decided to grand me 3 wishes this year. First i wish for a plastic love. Why? because plastic doesn't change it molecular shape after few million of years. So wouldn't it be awesome to have plastic love? :D

Plastic Love
Second, i wish there is someone out there would give me one ferero because i am very hungry right now.

Love Speak
Third, i wish those cookie isn't that sweet anymore because you are basically sweet enough already.

Sweetest cookie in my live -.-
So to those couples around the world, i wish you guys not forever love but long lasting love. Remember that you wouldn't possible say i love you forever to a girl these day because they are really smart and understand that there is no such thing as forever anymore. Instead maybe you would want to tell them. "Let me love you as long as i can so you can treasure every moment of it".

Another thing probably you might want to let them know that It doesn't matter how many roses or where you guys dine as long as both got the " love is in the air " feelings then everything is fine. Trust me, Dining in an expensive and fancy restaurant wouldn't lead you a long lasting love. :D

So to those single people around the world how are you going to get dates in for the next year valentines day?
Well, that you would need to wait on future post about " how to get yourself attracted by girls or guys"