Thursday, February 24, 2011

Premiere Drive Angry by Nicholas Cage Review

Hey guys! It has been some time few days since i last blog. Well university life is really busy when it comes to completing assignment. Tones of crap tones of silly things happen all the time but that doesn't drag me down.

For your information, KK just settle down here and they started their movie premiere contest. Being curious for the first time i text to 32111 and state all the information that they wanted and how lucky i was to won 4 free tickets to watch Drive Angry by Nicolas Cage.

The movie will be coming out on the 25 Feb and i already watch it on 23 Feb but don't worry! I am not going to leak out everything. :D

Thank you for the free premiere tickets

To be honest, i'm always envious against my blogger friends at the other side of Malaysia because they always attend movie premiere like nobody business and i am still here doing nothing but now i can tell them loud and clear. I watch movie premiere too! so don't think you got the latest post of the movie. >:)

I actually invite quite a number of people but end up being turn down due to tones of unpredicted reason. Well, too bad it is free after all and in the end i get in touch with my form 6 high school mates and get them to join me for free movie premiere. Like a baby getting candy they are glad enough to watch the movie.


Ahmed KK is seriously filled with chicks, and Dj

March Movie Premiere by

Here comes the review

Any movie that had Nicholas Cage in it, is a movie worth watching. The actress is really hot and she reminds me of Megan Fox. Anyway, the movie is filled with gun fire, car chasing, car jumping, bloody scene and probably a bit of sex scene that gone totally cut off. Although it sound like a serious action movie, they actually managed to pull in some humor and comedy in the mist of serious incident. You might notice there is a guy that in suits and claim himself as The Accountant, he is actually really hilarious and how he brings up the scene is really hilarious.

I couldn't possibly leak out the whole movie right? but i got to say it is worth watching but i am not sure would it be suitable for girls because it is more towards for the guys movie.

Overall i would give the movie a 6/10

Shin Chan

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