Sunday, February 20, 2011

School of Nutrition Presentation Craze

It was special weekend where our long prepared presentation can finally be present in front of all the coursemate. We were given different kind of task and ways to present our topic. Some of the group have to present cell division process with dancing and songs, some need to present with foods animation and food model.

One thing for sure it is really awesome and cool when creative meet science. Too bad nobody record me when i was doing presentation.

Glycolysis Process

Simple Diffusion

Master mind of Virus

I got infected

Aaron got infected

Tian Qi got infected

Iandy got infected

Pei Wen got infected

Animal Cell

Plant Cell

Membrane cell

Sugary microscope

Polyanne and Charmine

We all know about it Jason

It is really a great way for us to understand science better with such creative presentation. Education got no limitation and there are no boundaries to it.

Shin Chan

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