Friday, February 25, 2011

Seremban Seafood Restaurant

It's another weekend and this time i get to spend it all to myself without any school activities or people interfering me anymore. Time really flies and it is almost March now and i think some of my Ang Pau are still loaded with cash and barely open all of it.

I managed to had a family dinner in Seremban Seafood and i take the opportunity to do a basic food review on it.

Seremban Seafood Restaurant is located opposite 1Borneo in the Alam Mesra shop lot area and you can't possibly miss out their huge side board beside the road side.

Seremban Seafood Restaurant

Steam Fish RM60.00 
Ya i know the price. Probably not the cheapest in town and also might not be the best in town. Their steam fish is fairly well and did not manage to amaze my taste bud either.

BBQ Crab RM54.00
Ok now this is even more reasonable compare to the fish above. The meat is thick and juicy fresh and you are going to lick your finger while you are having it.

It's like having a miniature chicken's drumstick.

Butter Prawn - RM15.00
Did not make me reach up to cloud nine because i taste better and fresher prawn before.

Probably they are one of the place for tourist or family in KK that doesn't want to travel far down to Gayang Restaurant or Salut Restaurant. Price are still reasonable because it is after all a tourist attraction and seafood. Wouldn't be sure if i would be there myself.

Shin Chan

Tel: 088 - 484 922 / 933 (Restaurant)


  1. The crab definitely look good. :) hahaha fish is rarely more expensive than crabs though.

  2. haha yea! the crab is way better and worth it than the fish. i wonder is it i got the recipe wrongly because i didn't know until i check it later at home. :S sabah the land of seafood. :D