Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thai's Style Ngau Chap One of the best Ngau Chap in Town | Damai

I have been wanting to try their Ngau Chap for ages because i have always been a beef lover. However i never really like the Hiltop Ngau Chap and believe their ngau chap is overrated and expensive. Just because Ah xian visited their place before they started to rise the price of the ngau chap like nobody's business. Plenty of people love their food but not me. The Thai's Style Ngau Chap at Damai plaza tasted really delicious the size of the beef ball is like the size of the ping pong ball. Bouncy and juicy! The beef meat is fresh and chewy.

It is located in Damai beside Southern cake house, near coffee bean and Burger King. It's a small stall located inside the shop. It is a corner lot so you should be able to notice it easily.

The best beef ball i ever tasted so far in KK. It's smooth, tender and chewy. I wish i have 10 of the beef balls that day. Lord must be blessing me with great food these day.

So gonna try it again probably next week. Forget about the pan mien its ngau chap time

Hayden Chan


  1. the mee looks delicious but beef, well I don't take beef due to my religion.

  2. Kou Lou Mee how to be nice without fried onion..! I gonna try the beef ball, the photo speaks.

  3. hello nava! sorry about that but the food are really great! i gonna try on other type of food next time that suits you ;)

    Mitchell: you got to try it before you go back to sibu eh. :D