Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tshung Tsin Secondary School Annual Sport

One of the most anticipating event of the year and one of the largest sport event you could ever find in Sabah would be at Tshing Tsin Secondary High School, Damai. Every year hundred of students work hard with their soul and sweat just to perfect their cheer leading dance and skills.

For you information i have been watching this event every year for the past 5 years and i got some not so bright comment to write so if you guys not ready to read it, don't.

This year there are only 5 sport houses to compete compare to the few previous years they got Purple house and Orange house. I think it is harsh to compare with previous years but i believe we all got our standard to set. To be honest, the performance of the cheer leading drop every year. I believe that the students work hard for it but things just isn't it use to be already.

There are no jaw drop or eye popping screen. Hardly any acrobatics skills performance and i strongly believe that the students no longer want to risk any of their life by doing those highly dangerous skill.

Look at the bright side you guys still put up a good show and at least you give up the best of the best. I seriously hope by next year the show would at least increase. Luck wasn't at your side because it rain shortly after the performance start and everybody was cover with mud and rain.

I admired the sport spirit in each and every of the students, i believe their hard works worth more than any other things in the world. :)

Pink, Yellow, Blue, Green and Red

Green House

Green House

Red House

Pink House

Yellow House

Blue House

One thing that i got me annoyed was the people standing infront of me that doesn't know that she or he is not invisible. I also got annoyed because my lens can't zoom further. Now i am thinking of getting another new lens. But good news come shower me when a friend of mine want to exchange his  70 - 300mm lens with me. :D

See you guys next year! If i am still around :)

Shin Chan


  1. PINK HOUSE!??!?! Hahahah first time see such a colour wohh.

  2. "the largest sport event" Agreed! STTSS is better than KKMS :/

  3. jillian yeah . pink house. haha never seen such color before?
    Joanne lai. both got their own specialty ma. :) haha