Tuesday, February 15, 2011

UMS Pesta Ang Pau 2011

A famous annual must attend event by UMS - Pesta Ang Pow.  Pau. That's what i heard and that's what i believe until after i see it all.

Well, basically the event was awesome and they invited tones of China Acrobatic performance which make you feel like as if you are in China, eye pop and jaw drop moment. Best of all there were even big projector screen to enhance the view over the pretty and cute girls on stage. Isn't that a well treat for guys?

Tickets are cheap for students and lucky draws are sponsor by Digi with a staggering I pad as the main prize. Not bad at all i would say for paying RM6 for such a whole night performance.

I invited over V for Vigita to check my campus out since he is leaving soon but he was freaking late so we miss the opening show.

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Not bad at all the booklet.

Not sure and can't remember who was there but the he was a VVIP with Dato.

Now here are the best part about the event. They invited over China performer to perform all sort of things for us. They played with all sort of things like plates, flower vase, cylinder, sand and more. You name it they play it.

The first thing that came into my mind was when i saw them playing all those things dangerously it remain me of my Mum. Why? Because my parents always ask me don't play all those things because it is dangerous. They even said don't play with sand because it is dangerous. Don't do that! don't do this! it's dangerous! it's waste of time! -.-

 But Heck look at them now! they are performing up on the stage and probably around the world. Look at me! i am stuck below going no where. I guess their mum either forget or didn't tell them not to play with those stuffs right?

I could have been up above if my parents would let me play with all sort of dangerous stuff when i was younger because i love to play with fire when i was younger. :D


Sand performer
He said he learn himself by doing the sand arts. Now i seriously believe that his parents didn't ask him to stop when he was playing sand.

KKHS chinese orchestra 
Lion Dance
The bunny got Peace! V

Here is the funniest part of the night.

Since it was Vigita first time entering to my campus and he don't know anything about it. He was late when i asked him where did he park his car, he told me that he parked at the Pengawai kewangan place. So i thought he was probably park his car nearby but to my astonishment he actually park directly on the Pengawai Kewangan reserve parking. -.-

All the crazy things we did at Campus. Awesome memories.

Overall for the event? Hmm.. 5/10
1. PA system isn't that clear.
2. Length of event was too long and got delay until 12.30. Should have reduce the total of performance time.
3. I wish somebody would place those seat closer to the stage.
4. Sorry but Mcee isn't that fluent
5. Award moment are obviously spotted and lucky draw event it's that well organize.

But these are just small things, i still enjoy watching some of my coursemate dancing above the stage. Never know they were so energetic and talented. Too bad they can never see me up on stage. :(

Shin Chan


  1. Wow looks like PAP in USM is way better than UPM one. (cos im from UPM) lol

  2. haha is it?? i am from UMS, sabah not USM Penang.