Monday, March 28, 2011

Answered Questions

Not because it is cool.
Not because it is full with hot chicks and youngster from around PJ.
Not because it  the best rock band upstage with cool lead guitar and singers performing.
Not because of my friends too.

But it's because of the God's word of being shared and preach that got me never ending of recharge in my life each time i step into the church. I find it weird because i haven been to my local church for more than 6 months but the moment i step into CH i found all the answer to my questions for the whole 6 months time. I guess sometimes we just can't compare to those that go to church every weekend compare to occasionally visitor. 

Here are some of the points that inspired and answer my question. 

Success is all about staying up in down times. 

1. Deal with your guilt.

There are plenty of times where i felt guilty over certain things i did. It could have been as simple as the unwanted words i spoken to my friends or maybe unwanted action that cause unwanted incident to occur. Blaming myself and beat myself up seems like a hobby when i done something wrong but now i understand we got to deal with the guilt and move on with it. Live and learn from it. 

2. Let go of your grief.
- Accept what cannot be changed
- Focus on what's left and not what's lost

Believe it or not there are always a certain grief in me. A grief that embedded in my heart a year ago. I question myself from time to time what would it be if we were still together, even though those grief were gradually decrease down to where i don't need to think about it anymore. It's not like i am a grief keeper but we are just mere human and i tried my best to remove it but that night those words just answer my question loud and clear and i finally really 100% Accept what cannot be change and focus on what is left in my life specially those that enter my life and be the one that just become a part of my life. 

Don't ask why would such event happen in your life but ask yourself what have you learn and what you will be learning. 

3. Replace your grudges.
- Holding onto hurt only hurts you

If you put your hand into electricity, you will get shock. If you put your hand into fire, you will get burned. Same goes to feelings. Holding into hurt only gonna hurt you more. Remember to let go when the time come. 

2. Keep your faith strong.
- 1 John 5:4
- Faith is like electricity. You can't see it, but you can see the light.
- Romans 10:17
- Faith comes from us embracing the perspective of God, seeing the things in the light of God.
- Faith is active.
- Doubt comes from considering circumstances, Faith comes from considering Jesus.
- Galations 5:6

Faith is all i got to believe in something that i am doing and plan to do in future. I had so many inspiration business plan in my mind and all required some amount of cash. Unlike some of my coursemate that were consistently aiming for dean list. I was aiming for something more realistic.  I told myself that 'If you can do it, i can do it too because i won't stand and waste my time being impressed by someone achievement' Every moment you stand and look at others, you lost a precious time of yours. But offcourse that doesn't come along with studies because i am not a bright student.

I heard that future doesn't come by luck or coincident that night, but it comes with choices. I sure hope thats real  because i hope i can kick start my business plan asap. 

The moment i heard this i know i got to sell my handphone to get a new lens because i believe my investment on photography will lead me to more income.

Lastly, The poorest man on earth is a man who doesnt have love.
- John 13:1

Love doesn't mean couple love it means all sort of love from family, friends and God. To see that one can change love so fast in such a short time makes me felt awful. I don't know about you but one of my principle of life is 'never ever leave your love one for someone else'. It also comes along with another principle 'never accept people that left others for you'. It might just repeat again. 

Shin Chan

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