Friday, March 18, 2011

Archie De Corner

Archie De Corner previously located at the same roll at the southern cake house had move to another side of the block of the shop corner.

Lido, Penampang. That is where it is located.

I can't remember when was the last time i had lamb chop already and i was craving for it for a week long until my family decided to bring me over there for family dinner.

Lamb Chop - RM19.00

The lamb chop portion is huge and i got to say it almost explode my stomach after stuffing so many meat in one go. * i ate like a barbarian that night*

Pork Chop - RM15.00

The pork chop was nice but it felt dried if you had it too much. You might probably need to dip it with sauce all the time to smoothen out the taste of it.

Chicken Chop - RM15.00
Chicken chop was regular and juicy. Nothing to complain about it.


Shin Chan


  1. oh my godness...the food damn tempting...a typical malaysian style western food...

  2. delicious esp the lamb chops, surely a great place to check out.

  3. Fye : yea. very very tempting and cheat to dine in too.

    Nava : yes the lamb chop is definitely the one you need to try. ;)