Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Book Photography

I like to read books, books are the only inspiration friends i had when i was younger. Sound sad but that is where i get most of the ideas on how to write these day. When i was walking beside the book shelf inside Times Bookstore. I read through the book title and it randomly created a sentence for me.

Simplicity Make People Like you Changing Your Course in 90 Second
Certain time become so complicated that people around us having hard time of understand and liking us. Although complexity is really interesting but when it comes to long term, people just get fed up and move on.
What sparks my curiosity was the "how to make people like you in 90 second". Although i strongly believe that it is not about love relationship but it is about how to make people accept you and get comfortable with you in 90 second.

I AM in the sphere of Silence

The book of silence is really silence i guess.

A course of happiness How to be Rich
Who say rich couldn't bring happiness. People always tell me that money is not everything but actually i believe what they meant was money is partially of everything. Off course money couldn't buy health nor happiness because health and happiness is just an expression of life. You still need cash for your healthy meal and medical check up right? Money enable us to go through a smoother life i guess.

How to be rich? Every second when you are reading and decided to purchase the book the writer of the book is getting richer and richer. If that doesn't make it worst, every minute that you are reading someone around the world just earn a good jackpot cash.

Shin Chan

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