Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Chloe Lee- KK Twestival Ambassador

The one and only KK 2011 Twestival Ambassador Chloe Lee. Well, i don't really know her personally but i do know her sister which is Mei Tzeu. I got to say they look like a pair of twin but let us not get distracted by their outer beauty and let's pay attention to their inner beauty where Chloe and her sister always been supportive and up for any charity event.

This year Chloe Lee will be the Ambassador of Twestival 2011 and it will be another reason for you guys out there to check out the event :)

It was so happen that she was there so i kidnapped her to do some pre-event photoshoot :D

I am not sure that this is an interview or not but i had some random conversation with her where she share with me about her secret and amazing ways of losing weight healthily.

Good news, she will be auction off during the event and you know what to do guys. ;) get ready your cash and burn some hole in your wallet because it's gonna be a tough bid on her.
It's still for the sake of charity it is.

Check her out at her page at

Shin Chan


  1. haha.... chloe looks cute in the 3rd photo... and your post makes me laugh la hayden....

  2. hahaha Meitzeu. yalor yalor! twin!
    hahaha yea! she look cute in 3rd pictures bibi. well i am glad for making you laugh. hahaha