Friday, March 18, 2011

I am Shin Chan

Another weekend another closure to all the crappy files in university. Life is hard and there is no doubt about it because i am sure it felt like a long week over at Japan. One week had pass but i am sure that they felt like forever over there, waiting for rescue, food, shelter and lots more of stuff.

I am always inspired by how strong those particular countries that were hit by earthquake and manage to get up again. I doubt our country would be able to get up as fast as them.

We all have the fighting spirit in our soul.

As one of the most comparable guy around in my life circle, being at the top notch could be sometimes fatal to me. It doesn't matter how hard you try to be perfect, there will be someone out there going to be better than you. Bad news is you will never be perfect. Good news is you will keep on trying to at least be nearer to perfect.

Everybody got their own way of living their life to the fullest, but what i despite the most of all is, people telling others to not to do something that were unavoidable and it's a part of life thing.

Paradox - Asking people to mind their own business is like slapping your own face because you just mind someone business.

You can't possibly try to compare yourself with me because i am Me. I am Shin Chan and if you can become better than me. Go ahead and create your own path but not follow my path because you might probably end up in a 'screw up spaghetti with expired tomato sauce mess'. Layman term - Don't eat what i left behind.

My plan for my life is certainly different from others because i aim for different things in life and we have different aims. Brands and automobiles are not a long term asset to be compare with me because i am not a millionaire.

I am just a regular guy trying to achieve his goal step by step. Just that simple. Now the next time you try to compare me with someone else. Think again. I am the Shin Chan. Am i really worth comparing with others? ;)

Shin Chan

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