Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I got to admit that as i am getting older and older, i become more and more secretive and wouldn't willing to share everything out in the blog anymore because i realize that there are people that would support me all the way through. Trust me get a real friend and blog wouldn't seem necessary anymore.

But then again it is really interesting to share how does a real university look like and maybe you can get a good look at it. All the things that i am going to mention below are real and serious i did not edit it at all.

When i was in previous university, i always heard tones of complain from my high schoolmate about their local university life. At first i thought they are just unlucky or being unprofessional but this time i got to admit that i got into some sticky situation.

No matter how good you are, you are still going to face shitty people in university and so does in your future when you are working.
So probably you might be asking is there any tips of avoiding such scumbag? The answer is "No" unless you really know how to reject and keep yourself far apart.

But just bare something in mind, make sure you don't need to depend on them to get something done in future and you will be good on solo.

So what are the example of scumbag that i was referring in my previous paragraph?
Well there are a few types of attitude  that i wouldn't like to see in a person.

Being funny at the wrong time - When i am in a conversation with someone else. Some particular person would just do all sort of stupid action. Blame me for being mature because all those stupid action make me feel sick.

Rude with wrong intonation -  It doesn't matter to whom you are speaking too but if you sound rude you better change yourself. I had a situation where i was being criticizes as a leader to rush the assignment and only to know that it need to hand in one week later. For the first time in my life i was criticizes for doing a good job. Believe it or not.

Uncourtesy and unethical - I don't know how other people are bring brought up in their life or probably in their family education but i sure hope that no family taught their children to sleep in the car or sit behind the car when a friend is fetching them. What make it worst was the help was given not so willingly and the driver had to face such shit in the car.

Talking without using the brain and self center - Going out and have a good meals with your friends is a good thing but not willing to spend more time with the friend that bring you out is a bad thing. Probably one of the most common mistake being done by people which is you do not wish to accompany your friend longer than he/she expected. You just want your meal and a short chat with your friend that bring you over and that's it. So what happen if your friend asked for an extended walk or short fast window shopping? Should you reject them? Answer is in your decision.

I personally think no matter how unwilling that you might be, you still need to have a good sense of logical thinking to know that your friend is a driver. So the best solution would be join them for a walk or something.

Fighting to be the leader but end up slacking - Probably one of the most common problem in our daily life, There will be bad guys and good guys. Well luckily i wasn't able to find my superman tight fit shirts because i know after saving a few group assignment i was wondering where is the hidden crave diamond shape with an S on my chest.
Well, first thing first. do not say that you can manage something if you can't. Saying ' Don't wear the hat bigger than your head'.
Are you ready to bare the full responsibility as a leader? or are you getting the leader position just to show it off to some chicks you like? well the good thing is we all want our chicks to admire us but it wouldn't be good if you cause the whole group including the chick you like to fail the assignment right?

So there you go some of the shit that i have been up to lately in university.
nothing to be sad or angry about it because i am good enough to handle it, but i just want to tell you guys. Embrace yourself on facing tones of crap and shitty stuff in university.

If people told you university is a place where you can form friendship. Yes they are right but university is also a place where you can form enemy easily with a blink of an eye.

Shin Chan

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  1. Oo~ I smell the firecracker.
    In my opinion, and that's also what I'm going to do in the coming semester, getting rid of those kind of crap as I don't think we need them. What we actually expect from them is ONLY accompany. If they don't make a good accompany, I'm not going to hesitate to turn my back on him/her.