Friday, March 25, 2011

KK Twestival 2011 Event Review - pt1


KK twestival 2011

 I got to say i have never been to any place like twestival before and i never regret volunteering myself to be their crew. The experience is priceless and once in a life time. Working with a bunch of kind hearted people and got surrounded by generous humanoid that come to that event and willing to spending their money for charity really touch my soul.

This year kk twestival was held at Origin cafe, Karamunsing Capital. The main intention of the event was to raise fund for the Sabah blind society. Tones of games and food were sell on the day and you can not believe how awesome is it. Even i myself wasn't expecting it to be so hype up with the whole night program.

Yes Hayden was my other name and you guys can call me Hayden Chan.

Twestival kk 2011 stage set up

I was her man of the night. Although i don't really get what does it mean, probably what they mean was i work for her and constantly need  to help her if she needs anything.

Sadly, she didn't require much help that night and she was busying webcaming with another international Twestival event.

It's really amazing how the event was organized on the same day around the world. Best of all jackie was about to have a group webcam and talk to them live over at London and *iforget* country.

My job for the night was to do a blog event coverage and snap as much picture as i can. Well, i didn't just snap pictures but i also throw in some video-shooting for them as well. * Which will be edited and uploaded soon. So this is what you get if you ask Hayden to do an event coverage. He throws you more than you expect he can do.

Here are some of the volunteers of the night. I am impress how they really work hard to make the event run smoothly. They didn't even get pay for actually for the night and they work harder compare to event paid workers. Without them, the whole event wouldn't even goes on.

A million thanks and sorry if i bother you guys for the whole night.

I didn't really get to interact with the receptionist section but you guys did an awesome job sitting the whole night.

The Hell Kitchen
They all remind me of the American Kitchen Reality show - Hell Kitchen. I tried to fit myself into the kitchen i was afraid they might chop me up if i accidentally annoy or spoil their food. So it's better to keep a safe distant from angry and cranky chef.

People from all around the world post their picture up in support of KK twestival 2011.

Jackie still holding her Macbook walking around showing another international live view around the event.

Mei Tzeu and her family
Awesome and supportive family.

Hilarious and cheerful girl. I like her hair.

Hazel - darts game keeper

Bibi - Cupcakes design keeper

The receptionist

Andy - Bartender

Hong Yi 
Hong Yi also a blogger. I was introduce to her blog by a friend. She done amazing job on sharing and spreading the love and care around KK city. Check her out at her blog at

Awesome new friends

Cupcakes designing competition

Blind darts throwing competition

Cassie from & May

The first competition on stage of the night was Noodle beef soup eating competition and below were the contestants of the night.

Hot beef noodle soup

The label stated Slurp it up but the red shirt man just DRINK IT UP. No kidding man, he literally treat the beef soup noodle like any other regular drink. Less than 45 second and he is done with 9 cups. :S

Was't sure what was the real amount of cup he had, i believe it was 16? or more? and he was the winner.

Beef Soup Noodles Winner with Polaroid Camera

Poor guy, he was so full until i can see his hand shaking. While others were having their battle of their life up stage i saw someone was having a battle of her life with chicken wings.

Cassie from
Yea thats right. she was candid shot by me while having tasty chicken wings. I bet she would probably avoid me the next time she see me in any other event. You look awesome and it shows how nice is the food are. :D

Whole big family feast

Sensory test with cinema tickets giveaway

Cupcakes designing winner!

Starr got face painting

The kid was curious about face painting

This is where i start to ask the painter to draw something weird and it put Starr on panic mode face.

The last time i check Halloween is still a long way to go.

Edgar the bachelor of the night
Next we move on to the BEER DRINKING COMPETITION!

Starr the only female contestant. I was feeling skeptical that she would be able to make it or not but she surprisingly finish it up like nobody business.

The winner of beer drinking competition

Awesome right? Writing a review for all the pictures just make me smile because of all the fun we had. Next update would be probably later at night. Share this post with anyone that you know and if your friend miss the event that night, tell them you can be there again next year!

To be continue

Shin Chan


  1. Stunning picture... awesome night.... you did a great job hayden!

  2. Awesome review, awesome photos! Will be waiting for the continuation and the vidoes! =)

  3. Thank you bibi! haha.
    Thank you Jacq! the continuation will be tonight so stay tune! the video would probably be next week because it takes time to edit.

  4. Great photos. Good job, Hayden! :)

  5. Thank you Hayden for the awesome pictures! You did a great job! Hope to corporate with you more in the future! :D


  6. Oh so awesome event! I missed it :(