Saturday, March 26, 2011

KK Twestival 2011 Event Review - pt2

Here comes the second post for KK twestival 2011 event review, just like what i promised earlier in the morning. I am now in a far far place yet my blog is always my priority. :D so guys be touch and happy that i am so consistent on updating my blog. ;p

The evening start off with a beautiful rainbow over the sky after a small drizzling and i was actauly quite worry if it would rain at night. Praise the lord for giving us amazing weather that night.


KK twestival Graffiti Art

Graffiti art also known as Profesional vandalism. art! LOL i am just kidding. i seriously respect their artwork and i believe that their work will be apprieciated by others too.

Spider man and zombie

The Artist

Check out the body painting that KK twestival has to offer that night. Basically everybody just need to pay One coupon worth rm5 to get their face paint but one man got a brillant idea. He got his long wanted dream achieved in KK twestival. 

His body painting is so amazing that i can't stop taking his picture and i even ask him to do some model pose for me.
Sean the angel wings man

Enough of body painting lets move on to the Auction event. KK twestival also offer various item or product to be auction of with a good prize. Winner get to bring back what they have been wanting for a long time.

Some of the items are signature sign shirt.

Own by Gerry with Rm100 above i think

A good paint of art.

If you think the only item that can be auction are those. We also auction bachelors and bachelorettes out that night too.
They are not just regular people but they are actually quite famous and well known among the comunnity. Auctioning them off is a great idea of raising fund for the charity.

The main in suit cost a high price that night

Ah! Edgar my classmate were on the stage too.

The Watermelon pose
This bachelor can serious dance and sing with the Watermelon song. Noted; I hate watermelon.

The G6 man
The night couldn't be more fire up by a pair of G6 man boobs. It can just dance whole night long i mean the boobs.

Sam Tan
There will be a part 3 post so just stay tune for a few more post from me because it wouldn't be fun to let everything out in just 1 or 2 post.

Shin Chan


  1. why edgar was on the stage too?! did you auction for him? haha

  2. hahaha yalor! he was being auction mar! no i didnt o. who wanna auction for him o. LOL