Sunday, March 27, 2011

KK Twestival 2011 Event Review - pt3

Finally after whole day of traveling i get to settle down infront of my laptop and start to write to the world again. The final post to sum up Twestival KK 2011 and some pictures to show the entire crew that made everything happen.

I am proud to be one of them and i can never stop thinking how amazing was the event. I hope my effort would help Sabah Blind Society.

People are confuse with my name sometimes. My long known friend would recognized me as Shin Chan and my new friends would recognized me as Hayden Chan.

The Crew

Beverly & Me

The Graffiti artist 

It's really amazing how they transform a plain white wall into a colorful wall with full of embed massage set to tell the society about Twestival.

Chloe Lee

I think i am too cool to smile in this picture. LOL But i personally like the picture.

So here are the two major album that i upload in my facebook to be view public.

Album 1 :
Album 2 :

I wish to meet everybody again specially those that i worked closely with and those that i managed to be friend with that night. You guys are awesome..

So are you guys tempted to be in the event? You guys just need to wait until next year.

Shin Chan

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