Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fried Ice Cream 朋友 Koptiam Lintas KK

Located just above Lintas Grace One Nike warehouse sales.
I know they serve a lot of other food but i was just there to try their fried ice cream. I love ice cream by the way and that night i had 3 fried ice cream in one go!

Fried ice cream - Rm2.50
Look like UFO to me. Maybe they should name it UFO ice cream. They got 3 flavor. chocolate, vanilla and Strawberry.

That's me having my second fried ice cream and there is another one standbying on the table. I finish it up with 3 bites. D:

I think i look tired lately. probably of the university stress and people around. They can never stop giving me problem. thank you.

The fried ice cream might not be the best but still reasonable to kill your cravings for ice cream.


Shin Chan


  1. eh i love fried ice cream to the max!! :O still can rate fried ice cream one ah? haha.

  2. Haha :D you went there for the fried ice cream. I went there for second time for it, and I prefer vanilla more during the first time. Choc flavour not that nice.

  3. If they had yam flavour, it would be heavenly!
    Back in my hometown, we had yam flavoured fried ice creams....
    I think they got durian flavour as well. (*yucks* coz I'll never, ever accept that. But no offense to the fruit itself - it's heavenly.)