Friday, March 18, 2011

Kota Kinabalu Twestival 2011 Upcoming Event Promo

Good news guys! There will be a charity fundraising event on the Thursday 24 March 2011
Origin Cafe and Green Olives, Karamunsing Capital. Behind Karamunsing Shopping Mall.
supporting the Sabah Society for the blind by Kota Kinabalu Twestival 2011.

I remembered last year there was Twestival too in KK but i didn't really pay attention until this year where i get to be one of the volunteers! After got approach by one of the Twestival team member.

Surprisingly now only i realize that they are actually raising fund for the charity and it caught my attention instantly and there is no way i can say no to charity.

So guys here are some of the important details and contacts that you need to note down.

With just RM30 we can create a better life for the people that are in need.

Check out what is Twestival about on the video below!

See you guys there and stay tune for more upcoming event update and information from my blog. Do greet or scream my name 'Shin Chan' if you see me over there. :D

Shin Chan

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