Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lomo and Vignette Effect Photoshop

Lomo effect are normally found in lomo camera. Those old film camera are really good at creating lomo effect. Although we use to think that lomo camera are just a piece of antic, it has now becoming more and more popular among Homo lomography lover. But not everyone of us willing to get an a lomo camera because even the camera itself is cheap, the film usage would slowly suffocate your wallet slowly.

Lucily with the aid of photoshop, lomo effect can easily be create. observe how it was being created and remember these are just basic standard lomo effect tutorial. Further effect would be base on your skill and taste for the lomo effect.

If you are wondering how to place the dark radial circle around your picture after a lomo effect. It is called Vigenette effect.

Two simple, fast and easy to learn effect.

Photography art got no time expiry date or boundaries.

I just done a simple photoshoot with a friend and those picture will be feature soon in my blog. The theme would be based on Lomo effect.

Shin Chan

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