Sunday, March 13, 2011

Malaysian Make Fun of Tsunami in Japan

I have been sitting since the moment of tsunami happen in Japan and i have been keeping myself update every single hour since 11 march until today. I told myself that i do not need to write anything in my blog because youtube, google and tones of major website are doing the live coverage of it.

I was constantly worried and felt sorry for the citizen of Japan. If i were to update you the news, you wouldn't even believe how horrible and how terrifying if you were in their situation.  Nuclear radiation leak. 2000 over declare death, 10,000 people missing and in the process of search and rescue.

The whole world pray for them.. But here comes a stupid Malaysia cartoonist draw something funny and provoking on Berita Harian March 13 Page 24 name Zoy.

And.. he make it into the CNN reporter news.

CNNiReport —

Local Malaysian newspaper Berita Harian published a caricature in their editor’s column today that depicts the popular Japanese cartoon character Ultraman as trying to outrun an incoming tsunami.

The publication has received tremendous criticisms by readers, who accuse the editors as being “inconsiderate and distasteful”. Several political leaders have even stepped out and demand a public apology, to which the editors promptly made on their publication’s Facebook fan page. – posted by Dancingtiger

I am not sure which one is brainless now. The editor of Berita Harian Newspaper or the cartoonist Zoy. Now Malaysia will be remember as the provoker during Japan Tsunami darkest day. I felt so shameful as a Malaysian now. sigh. I wonder where is your logical thinking are. Come on! Ultraman running away from Tsunami? what does it suppose to mean? So what happen if Malaysia got hit by Tsunami? Would you draw something like Cicakman run away from Tsunami too?

I don't think i will be updating anything regarding Japan Tsunami because their news are just constantly following from everywhere. Facebook, Yahoo News, and etc.

All we can do now is just pray and hope that they can recover as soon as possible.

Shin Chan


  1. malaysia is very famous now... they masuk CNN for twice already this week =.="
    very malu la....

  2. Srsly, this is not even funny D: