Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Multi Level Marketing MLM Business

Multi Level Marketing is one of the leading marketing strategy tactics to increase and promote their products to the consumer. I believe that not everybody know what is a Multi Level Marketing Business and i am about to do some basic explanation about it.

Generally it is a good business for everybody to earn good and fast money in such a short amount of time. It is a business where you need to find people to join the company or under your group then you will get commission for asking them to join and buy the products.

Simplify: You ask people 'downline' to join you, you get cash/point or whatever. 

Now the story doesn't just end there. Your downline now need to find people to join under them so they could earn money and in the same time you are earning money too.

Simplify: like a pyramid chain reaction. each people joining under you will make you earn cash. 

So this is multi level marketing because it includes a lot of levels of people doing business and helping each another to earn.

Let me clarify something, i never think it is a bad strategy because i have seen friends and people become succeed in their life and i am really proud of them. But i believe it is only suitable for certain age level people only. Recently i have been approach by university friends about getting into MLM health product business.

Being a well knowledgeable person, i knew about MLM way before they were born.  I got to admit that i was amuse how passionate they are in talking MLM to me because i have been seeing it since day 1 i knew about it. Sad to say, i don't believe that a university student should be doing it specially when you had a hectic life in local uniersity. Maybe some uni student are free but not for me.

Besides, if you are a university student. Your target of investment among students would be quite low. A MLM business kick start investment is probably 1k or 3 k above. Surprisingly there are students that were brave enough to take the risk and go through the whole process of finding downline and getting other students to join them.

My advise to all the student MLM business starter or about to start. 
The business plan is smart but are you smart enough to make the decision of joining them just because you got psycho by a few 'professional psycho' adult that were doing it for few months already?

1.Student had limited or probably had no income, so probably you might want to think twice. 

2. Are you sure this is what you want to do when you had free time after all those tiring assignment and class? 

3. It might sound easy but each time you join a few people actually earn from you? and you are just another zombie follower. 

P/S: i hate to see how their fake determination are just because they are giving a few dose of pump up motivation talk.

I also hate to hear their words when i rejected them. Telling me all sort of chances i missed and my future will be dark as blackhole and i am stupid for not taking the MLM business plan.

Get a life, i got my own life plan already.

Shin chan

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