Friday, March 4, 2011

Must Watch - Music Videos

Finally i can settle down infront of my blog dashboard. I believe everyone of us have been working hard over the weekdays with our studies and probably in our work as well. As the weekend night hits, i here by giving you guys some of the nice Music Video which you might probably watched it already or hear it a couple of million times over the internet.

Hearing and enjoying is one thing but watching their MV is another thing.

The first one on my top list is Black Eye Peas - The Time (Dirty Bit)

Black eye peas music videos can never stop amaze me since they rule over the planet earth with their special one of the kind song. If you love this song, then it is a must to watch this MV.
I wonder how can they manage to create all those pixelated bits in a person. Got to figure it out.
Man they make me wanna club right now in my room.

Next we have Avril Lavigne - What the hell

Some eye candy for the guys. I got to admit that Avril really had some awesomely hot figure although she dress up in jeans and a t-shirt. That is why we can never judge a book through the cover.

Next, i believe he put a cupid arrow in every single girl's heart after Justin Bieber cut his hair short. Man i seriously got no idea what is Justin thinking when he cut his hair. Now he look totally weird like from another planet. Anyway...

Bruno Mars - Grenade

Piano pulling, train jumping, grenade catching, bullet shooting. Remains me of all the old days where i do all the stuff just for her but end up meaningless but just like in the song, i should have knew it from the start. Anyway guys, he is just trying to tell us don't be so stupid, realize it earlier and pull your hand break and bail it out before it is too late.

I just like how Bruno brings his own fashion sense out. His hair, shoe and cloths are so classical. Even his face is classic.

Enough of sad-romance stuff. Next song is me and Vigita favorite song.

Duck Sauce - Barbra Streisand

If this song doesn't make you feel like party then i wonder what other song would. Easy to sing with endless beat. The whole song only contain ONE lyrics, that is BARBRA STREISAND.

I can sing this whole night long if i want too.

Lastly ..
Katy Perry - Fireworks.

Okay. she might be hot but the whole Mv seriously look wrong. Did you guys notice that the fireworks is coming out from everybody chest? If you just try to twist your mind abit you might notice that katy perry boobs is on fire. LOL
I seriously don't get it why there will be a gay scene inside where two straight guy kissing each another. Is she promoting gay culture around the world? Well that is what that first pop up in my mind thou.

Must watch video not because it is great but because it is wrong.

Lets hope that my blogging spirit would flame up soon right after my midterm. life pretty dull sometimes but i need it to know how colorful the world it use to be.

Shin Chan

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