Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Party Play Lifestyle Cafe Review

Finally i make it to Party play cafe to try their food because i promised Party Play boss Dominic to try out their food since last year i believe.

After gone through their menu i found out their meals are fusion and abit of everything around in eastern and western. So you can try different kinds of nationality food around i guess. The interior design is nice and comfortable with abit of classical wooden touch in it.

I can't stop laughing at their blackboard when i read the words on it.

Humor can be found in the cafe itself. I also noticed that the waiter shirt has behind saying "  Don't trust a skinny chef". true enough

First arrived on table was drinks
Ice lemon tea RM3.00

Hot chocolate - RM6.00
Nice and warm thick chocolate favor.

Linguini Carbonara - RM16.00
Moderate on cheesy taste but i believe you can ask for more cheesy favor on it if you love cheesy taste.
but it still pass with flying colors.

Spring Chicken - RM18.00
Spring Chicken Teriyaki sauce is something to try on. The chicken portion is big and nothing match better with it than teriyaki sauce. Both combination taste awesome.

Huge Club Sandwich - RM18.00
I was abit skeptical for having it as dinner. I wonder if it could fill my stomach. you know what? The portion was big and thick until i was having hard time of biting it. the bacon, cheese, egg grilled chicken and vegetable just match up perfectly. I like their olive oil vegetable salad. It's really a low fat meal for me. 

They manage to stuff me up with it.

Can you see the egg over there? :D amazingly nice.

For dessert we order Chocolate Fondant. Remember it's better to let them know 10 minutes before you guys end your meal because they need time to bake it. Having it fresh from oven , you can taste the best of it. 

Chocolate Fondant with ice cream - Rm10.00

Damn i can literary smell the hot chocolate a feet away. The chocolate melt is stunning warm and nice. The outer later is slightly crispy and soft. Trying on the chocolate itself is really felt like in cloud 9 but wait till you try it along with the ice cream. It might just bring you to the end of the milky way. 

Should i let the picture do the talking?

Yes that is how nice is it. I licked the wooden pan clean and smooth!

I will definitely come back and try other meals on the menu. So you might be notice their price are slight pricey but i assure you the portion are big and you are paying for what you are eating. At least it's better than some restaurant that serve you Rm13.00 of one spread out drumstick chicken grilled chicken chop. 

Worth trying 

i give it 9/10 because there were some downturn on the drinks. I believe that they should be more generous on drinks because it is after all water right? :) i know drinks overturn profit very high one so don't fool with me. 

Anyway so far so good Dominic! i am sure you will be doing fine and awesome. Good luck and hope your business would blossom!

Party Play Lifestyle cafe
Lot 21-0, Lorong Lintas Plaza 3,
Lintas Plaza, 88300 Kota Kinabalu
Sabah Malaysia.

088 - 218210


  1. MMmmmm!
    I go to Party Play so often, I'm starting to feel embarrassed. Dominic even knows what I regularly order. Yesterday, he was like, 'So...you're not ordering the sandwich again this time?' hehe.

    I had the Red Curry Fish set lunch and it was fantastic. Was craving for it the whole night and even today. I'm pretty sure there's some form of drugs in their food.

  2. And! I don't think it's pricey if you order their set lunch...! RM12.90-16.90 for salad, mains, free flow of drinks, and dessert!

  3. hahaha. woa. how often you go in a week! i hardly go to party play because i stay at the other side of the town area.. Are you serious about the drug on their food??? hahaha. i think everybody should go to party play and try it out.
    the food are just so authentic. :D

    thanks for the set lunch suggestion! i gonna head there asap.

    i can still imagine how awesome it was the chocolate fondant. yumm~~~

  4. Hey!!thanks for the blog!!haha hong yi..dont sounds me like a drugs dealer here..beside quality product and special receipi..we actually add "LOVE" in our cooking,thats why you feel so homely here..haha!!anyway thanks for supporting and we will always create the best for KK people!!cheers and see you around!

  5. the food seems like not bad there...especially the huge club sandwich...tempting...

    thefye.com feel free to click me

  6. The sandwish is gorgeous plus the dessert, no wonder you are licking.

  7. Hungry max seeing how you lick the plate..

  8. Dominic haha your're welcome! It's my pleasure to treat out one of the best food in kk. gonna head back and try other stuffs. :D

    Kumfye : huge club sandwich is the deal man. Got to try it when you are here in sabah, ;)

    Hey nava! long time no see you. how are you doing!
    the dessert is wonderful. felt like G6 eating it. ;)

    jfook. you will do the same too if you order that dessert. i would doubt if you might live any wooden plate over. hahaha

  9. You should try their tom yam spagetti which I think it is taste nice.

    I can see you got lots of foods entry. Nice and awesome blogs for me to do research on KK foods :)