Monday, March 14, 2011

Photoshoot Lomo & Vigenette effect

As i mention earlier where i was learning on Lomo effect and vingette effect. Lomo and Vignette Effect Post 
I actually did a photoshoot with a friend the other day before i learn everything and this is what i got from what i learn. Since she just got her new dslr too i guess it's best for me to guide and give her some tips.

Lomo pool
Lomo Pool

IMG_8290 copy

They are among us
They are Among Us
You might be thinking i edited the alien look a like behind but actually it was done by taking it with Manual Focus and create a blur effect.

Lomo cod fish
Lomo Fish Pool
I like how the fish move around and it randomly made my picture look like a slight distorted effect, but actually i didn't distort anything.

Vivian photoshoot

Vivian's Photoshoot

Vivian Monochrome
Monochrome with white Vigenette

Not bad for a first timer i guess. I felt like asking some of my friends to be my model to photoshoot only if i can see what is inside them that can lead to inspiration inside me. Beauty itself is not enough but the characteristic are important too.

Shin Chan

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