Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pre-Twestival Volunteers Meeting 2011

We might be different in skin color, age, sex and different race or religion, we might even have different kind of lame jokes to share about but when it comes to charity, we are the same.

This year I am proud to be one of the largest charity community around the world to help Sabah Blind Society for those that are in need.

Being one of the volunteer in Twestival we get to meet all sort of people from around the world or maybe in our local area. It was quite a first-timer experience because i never really work with people that i meet on the internet, but i believe it is all for the good cause.

Origin Cafe, one of the sponsor to the event. Located at Lot Block G

Origin Cafe

I believe that they serve mainly Vietnam foods.

The Hall of Fame
Should i get my blog printscreen and post it up at their wall?

Just in case you might be wondering how does the cafe look outside. It is located at the Karamunsing Capital.

Mia is our leader and she give us task on what to do on the event day.

Twestival 2011 volunteers
Apparently our group of volunteers are still growing so i am not sure what is the real amount of us. You can see all kinds of people gather around with one purpose.

Starr the owner's wife
Well, what i heard was the Origin Cafe is open by Aurthur and Starr married couple. They are really friendly and Aurthur even give me some of his toy collection cube craft link online. Which will be feature more after this post.
Now i hope Starr doesn't sell me to auction during the charity for this picture above.

The Red Tweety

Ben & Laura

Everybody is working hard except me.

Their hard work will not be forgotten.

Serious she might look, but wacky was in her gene.

Dave the Tweet Captain
There will always be a captain in a ship to navigate us around.

So what are you waiting for to join the charity community even which will be held on the 24 March 2011.

There will be tones of games like darts throwing competition, noodles eating competition and i think the highlight of the event will be the AUCTION for bachelor and Bachelorette. It's where handsome guys and pretty girls got auction for the sake of charity and the bidder get to order them around to do things they like, for example treat them lunch or wash their car? i have no idea how far can this go but terms and condition apply.

Hmm.. i wonder what if i got auction away how much would i cost. Anyway, see you guys over there, i will be there all over the place taking pictures

Shin Chan


  1. wow....this post give me alot of 'semangat'.... good job hayden!

  2. Right, Bibi! Ini post pembakar semangat ni. And great photos! See you tomorrow, Hayden :)

  3. I'm sure you're ahem will give quite a high price if you're auctioned. XD

    Anyway, the birds are really cute. Especially the one on the guy's head.

  4. haha the highest price of the night auction was rm350! i think. yea the bird is really really cute. :D