Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Street Photography - Dream

Once again i am here comment about our higher education system which is pretty much Rojak and as usual our education minister want us to know everything and not good at anything. No wonder there were so many unemployed local graduated student now a days in Malaysia because we all learn so many things until we are not able to focus on the specific course.

Thank God Midterm, assignment, & lab report doesn't slow me down in doing my blog but they do spoil my mood from getting any inspiration of writing.

Inspired by Polyanne, a coursemate of mine and thank you for showing me the blog street photography blog. The extra input information and knowledge really help me in understanding photography more.

Sometimes  All the time it is good to have dreams. Dreams that is realistic enough, dreams that make sense and will be achieve over the years to come. It is not like when we were young, we crap all sort of dreams out but what i am saying is, dreams that were inspired and build through the years of experience.

A man with many dreams

Chase your dream

I just like how the kid running around chasing the birds away. Too bad the photos aren't that nice but there will be a second shoot for this.

Shin Chan

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