Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sushi Tei KK Suria

The long awaited post. I had Sushi Tei before when i was in Pavilion last year but now we can have it at KK. :D
Open just few months ago. Sushi Tei is gaining it's popularity among KK people and although many might not heard of Sushi Tei before. It is actually an International Franchise Japanese Restaurant.

This time i brought along Shuk Mun because i promise her to have a food tryout over there when she get back from Singapore since last year.

Their design do look like Sushi Zanmai in KL

Different than olden days where restaurant are build with close kitchen now a days open air and see through kitchen is really picking up it's popularity choices for interior restaurant designer. It just brings us closer to the chef and it also let us know that they handle the food correctly or not.

So here you can see some of the price for other meals. I would say you need at least rm50 to have a good normal satisfying meal over there.

Negitoro Don - RM14.80 

My meal of the night was Negitoro Don and the portion isn't that big. It contained some raw tuna minced meat with a half boiled egg in the middle. I order it because it can give me all the protein i need for gym training.

Jo Una Ju - RM29.80

To all the Unagi lover, this is your deal. Get yourself a Jo Una Ju! It is serve with rice.

Shuk Mun
That is how big the box look like. Filled with tones of tasty Unagi meat. :D

Macha Ice Cream - RM10.80

For the dessert it was rather disappointing because their Macha Ice cream isn't that good. Expensive and totally not worth the taste of it at all. 10 bucks for one scoop is rather expensive. I seriously believe that i can make a better Macha Ice Cream than them. The formation of ice crystal was obviously tasted and i even got a chunk of ice in it. The texture isn't that smooth either. Go get yourself a Hagen Daz green tea ice cream.

Overall 5/10 - I still think Sushi Zanmai is better and it is cheaper too.

Sushi Tei
Suria Sabah Shopping Mall,
Lot G - 68, Ground Floor.
Tel : 088 - 485595      Fax : 088 - 485593

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