Sunday, April 17, 2011

Alu - Alu Restaurant, Gayana Eco Resort Promo

First thing first. Thank you Alu - Alu Restaurant for the sponsored dinner at Gayana Eco Resort. It is my first time getting a sponsored food review from Sabah Bloggers group

Now i got to be honest i only been to Gayana Eco Resort once when i was young and the only thing i remember was the awesome crab over there. Other than that, i can't recall anything at all but fear not because this time i am going to sail across the South China Sea to get to Gayana Eco Resort. 

Located at Malohom Bay, Gaya Island, Tunku Abdul Rahman Park, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

Tel: +6 088 442233, 475533
Fax: +6 088 475714

You can get yourself there by taking a boat from Jesselton Port, Kota Kinabalu by refering to the following timetable
KK Ferry Terminal to Gayana Eco Resort

1230 hrs / 12.30pm

1430 hrs / 2.30pm 

1630 hrs / 4.30pm
Gayana Eco Resort to KK Ferry Terminal

1100 hrs / 11.00am

1300 hrs / 1.00pm

1600 hrs / 4.00pm

My sponsored dinner will be on the 18th April 2011 and i did a bit of advance research of their place. From the first view of the website it seems that their place is pretty awesome and a great place for a romantic getaway for love birds. 

View from Above
Build just above sea water, Gayana Eco Resort provide over 52 water villas and also Alu - alu restaurant for tourist from around the world and nature loving people to close with the mother nature. 

Moving on next in their website, i get a glimpse on the fine restaurant that i will be dining tomorrow night.  

Alu - Alu Restaurant

Looking at those fresh fish in the tank made me imagine how fresh will the fish dish serve  are on table. I was inform that Head Chef Ah Khiong and his team will be cooking for us tomorrow night. I will be waiting and having high expectation from you chef. I am after all a Food science and Nutrition student and Food Sensory Evaluation is one of our main core skills to do food testing. 

I guess Alu - Alu Restaurant really selected the right blogger to be at their place to try out their dinner 

Stay tune for pictures and food review from Alu - Alu Restaurant. 

Shin Chan

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Sabahan Blogger and Alu-Alu Restaurant, Gayana Eco Resort
All informations and pictures are obtained from Alu-Alu Restaurant website  


  1. Student life is the best eh~~
    I'm working and I can't join it!! AHhrrrgggghhh

  2. pls tell me the price of the foods pls. can we just go ter for dinner without staying.

  3. Mei tzeu. hahahaha. let me go just this once! :D it's my first time. muahahaha

    Step : sure thing! the post of the food review will be out probably by this week. and i am sure you can go there just to have a fine dinner without staying :)