Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Alu - Alu Restaurant, Gayana Eco Resort

It was just less than 24 hours when i made a Promotion post about Alu - Alu Restaurant and here i am heading down to Jesselton Port, Kota Kinabalu for the boat ride to  Gayana Eco Resort.

Apparently if you want to get to Gayana Eco Resort you need to make earlier reservation with them so they can arrange your boat ride.

Resort Contact Information :

Malohom Bay, Gaya Island, Tunku Abdul Rahman Park, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.
Tel: +6 088 271098
Fax: +6 088 271099
E-mail: info@gayana-eco-resort.com

We gathered at Jesselton Port around 5.30pm in the afternoon and i was the second blogger to arrive.

Mr Sai, Mr Dino & Hannah

I was surprise how generous Gayana Eco Resort treat us by giving us complimentary Pen Drive

Alu - Alu Pendrive

Thank you Gayana Eco Resort! I thought it was a rubber or something else because it definitely doesn't look like a pendrive to me

Complimentary information and calender book 

Complimentary booklet 

Complimentary Lemon grass drink

This is how their mainland office look like at Jesselton port. Just walk down to the end you will be able to spot this office easily. Here you can arrange all your accommodation and transportation with their friendly receptionist.

Gayana Eco Resort and Bunga Raya Island Resort Spa Office

It does felt like Christmas that day because i received so many present in one shoot. After everybody arrived, we start our journey at 6pm sharp from the Jesselton port. To be honest i have no idea what to anticipate over there at Alu - Alu restaurant. I did had a slight fantasy probably there will be sexy Hawaiian dress up chicks dancing and welcoming us guest over there. 

Bloggers, Magazine writer and Media from Hitz.fm

Their smile on their face is priceless.


That is what i called 5 star hospitality. The staff from Gayana Eco Resort escort us out from the office to the jetty and send us away with a big smile and a wave.

The time travel from Jesselton port to Alu - Alu Restaurant takes roughly around 10 - 15 minutes. I was amazed how beautiful the place is and it was here in Kota Kinabalu all this while without anyone bragging about it. I always hear people talk about Gunters the Hidden Gem of KK because of it location but Alu - Alu Restaurant is a Hidden Pearl! 

First thing that hit my mind was, this is going to be an awesome spot to celebrate Valentines Dinner and bring my special one over here. 

Cassie and Rica from Hitz.fm
Sadly Cassie doesn't remember me anymore and how did i remind her of me? By letting her know I am the one that snap her picture eating chicken wings. I was chase down the road after that.

They are one loving friend and sisters-like.

Here is something you need to know about Alu - Alu Restaurant. They raise their own organic fish within the boundary of sea water around the Island. Fishes are capture freshly and serve straight to the dining table. Their idea was to preserve the ecology environment without capturing fish from the sea. 

A view from side of Gayana Eco Resort

Fresh Seafood

GM of Gayana Eco resort in pink
We had a bit of walk around the resort and end up at Alu - Alu restaurant the reason why  we were there that night. First impression was 'wow' and second was 'it's gonna be an awesome night'.

The Scroll of Alu - Alu 
Check this out, we even received our scroll of Alu - Alu showing all the menu of the night. I felt like a scholar opening the scroll, it's like we are having a royal dinner or something. We were brief and a short Q and A session before we start our course.

Currently they are having promotion at 69 Nett per pax that include 2-way boat trip and terminal fee. It is preferable to have at least 4 people to dine in to get the smallest package set. but if you're on 2 or 3 you can still get to Alu - Alu restaurant but with an Ala-carte menu and the Terminal Fee is on you. 

Beautiful ceiling decoration

But it turns out we really did dine like Royal and feast like a nation celebration.

Four Treasure Island Combinations
For our first entree meal, we were serve with Four Treasure Island Combination. A combination of Oxtail, Deep fried skinless mayonnaise prawn, Gayana special marinated Pacific Clam & Jelly Fish with Thai's Sauce and Deep fried cuttlefish ball with Mozzarella Cheese. 

Cuttlefish ball with Mozzarella Cheese is really crunchy outside and as i am bitting towards inside it, the Mozzarella cheese just pop out of from the middle. Mayonnaise prawn, Marinated Pacific Calm and Jelly fish was really fresh and juicy. Oxtail tasted fantastic tender and sweet "and i thought they only specialist in cooking seafood only".

Fresh chilled Guava juice
We were also served free flow of chilled Guave Juice for the whole night. It kinda help in food tasting because it clear of our taste bud and get us ready for the next meal. Refreshing and rejuvenating. 

Braised Fish maw Soup with Crab Meat
The soup is a combination of Spring onion, carrot, beancurd and mushroom. The slightly thick texture of the soup complete everything that you would find in it. Not too salty , not too tasteless. The portion is just fine for a person.

Just when we are about to proceed to our next dish a 2 man band appeared and sing us wonderful songs.

Noted that they do not project any audio but only a live band to keep the atmosphere live during the night time. Talented and energetic band that crave a smile on everybody face.

Steamed Whole Seabass with 'Ba Jiao' Sauce

I was told this is the first main course but it doesn't look like a main course to me because the 'Ba Jiao' sauce is really appetizing to me. A fusion of Chinese and Nyoya sauce creates a mouth watery sauce and makes you want more for it. The fish tasted really fresh because it was caught, scale-off and steam after clean up. 

Alu - Alu Chef's Special Crispy Peach Chicken
Slightly crunchy outside with well maintain freshness of chicken meat inside. Cover up with sweet sauce and sesame seed, it is a must try dish.

Chef's special Homemade Seafood Beancurd
The beancurd is stuff from prawn and i was impress how the chef stuff few ingredients into the beancurd without making it saggy and maintain it solid structure.

Steamed Strombues Canarium Shell

In malay we called it ' Siput Tarik' and you actually need to pull the snail out to get to it fine, fresh and tender meat. A dip of sourish sauce will be perfect

Deep Fried Prawn with Egg Floss
Fresh deep friend prawn with tasty egg floss was one of my favorite dish of the night. I don't mind getting my hand peeling the prawn as long as i get to taste some fresh prawn.

Wok Fried Rice with Golden Garlic

Broccoli with Black Mushroom and Beancurd Stick

Pan Fried Lamb Chop With Rosemary Sauce
It's a signature dish and a must try dish. One of the best lamb chop i ever try so far. I think it even broke my best lamb chop ever tasted record. I guess this little guy here will be holding the record for quite some time now.

Cocounut pudding with cream Mousse
Milky and sweet coconut pudding ends our night at Alu - Alu Restaurant. At the end of our meal Chef Ah Kiong come our and greet us and ask us about the dishes that he prepare for us that night.

Middle Chef Ah Kiong
Inspiriting and heart touched Chef Ah kiong was actually the man in wheel chair. A man with high passion in culinary and the reason to live for every single day have driven him all this while in cooking. Although he can't really cook but he still manage around the kitchen and make sure every single food that was serve is perfect and he is also an humble man to received any suggestion to make improvement in Alu - Alu Restaurant. 

Now don't get your heart soft because he is on wheel chair, his dishes is really nice and even better than a perfect well standing chef. 

Group picture

Thank you Alu - Alu Restaurant for sponsoring us the dinner. The food was awesome, atmosphere was perfect for dating couples, and best of all every staff that i meet on that night is really friendly, kind and sincere.

For more information please check it out at www.gayana-eco-resort.com and i am sure they will be more than happy to assist you around.

I will definitely bring myself back there again with my love in future.

Shin Chan


  1. The dishes u captured and posted is actually for how many person???

  2. RM 69nett per person is for what dishes?

  3. There were 10 dishes in total for our 10 people package. but the actually amount was 8people portion.

    Elaine : 69 nett per person for depends on the size people you had. going on 4 people group would give to a 4 size package dishes with a selection on the given menu. It start with entree, soup, main course and dessert. :)