Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Alu-Alu Restaurant Set Dinner Promotion, Gayana Eco Resort

I had received tones and tones of questions about their menu and prices about Alu - alu. The good news was Alu - Alu Restaurant is really getting more and more attention from everybody but the bad news is i can't possibly answer every single questions that was post to me from everywhere around the world right?

So! I present you guys Alu - Alu Set Dinner Promotion. I am sure this would surely give a clear picture about what is the promotion about and what is in the menu that are available for everybody. 
Alu-Alu Set Dinner Promotion

Do make you early reservation because boats departs at 6.30pm.

Symington Jenkins
Sales & Marketing Coordinator
Gayana Eco Resort - Bunga Raya Island Resort & Spa
Cell: +6 013 8606220
(O) : +6 088 380390 (F): +6 088 381390

It seems that Mother and father day are approaching, maybe you guys should find a new and better places to dine in this year. Something new and fresh in city. Wait no more and call them now for early reservation. Come to think of it, i might even plan to bring my father over there to celebrate his birthday. 

Any inquires just drop your comment below and i will be please to help out * if i can. :D

Shin chan

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