Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Behind the Scene

Not a bright student to begin with and definitely not one of the top best student in class either. Probably one of the lowest grade student in class but i don't really wish to find out for real. 

Life is rather hectic these day in university and i finally understand how is it to be a university student. Life is never fair. Same goes to university scoring system. Needless to say, once again Malaysia higher education system is trying to install almost everything into a typical Malaysian mind.

From the scrap metal of philosophy 101 until the state of the art biochemistry. Not many know how terrible is it the local university courses are. Regular student like me need to take up to 8 subjects for a semester.

5 core subjects and 3 side subjects which is completely unless and nothing but crap.

Let's do some calculation. 1 subjects would contribute to 2-3 assignments, 2 quiz, 1 midterm and 1 final.
Science subjects will top on an extra of 10 lab reports and believe me those lab reports are not simple as secondary high school. Some of the lab report can shoot up to 40 pages with multiple complicated calculation.

let's say i got 8 subjects that would be 2x8  = 16 assignments and if i had 2 lab subjects. I will have 20 lab reports to finish up by the end of semester.

Total set of paper work 36. excluded presentation, drama and oral.

Then here comes the ugly truth about everything. You are tired of rushing everything and the last thing you want to do is sit down and study. Sad to say, we still need to sit for our final exam at least one paper 3 hours.

so in total that would be 8 x 3 hours = 24 hours approximately*

News always appear in newspaper talking about high unemployment in after-graduated student and now i understand why. I wonder how am i going to survive in university for the next 3 years.

Can someone hear me?
Probably not. Tones of people question me why am i still staying in Malaysia while i got the chance to further my study somewhere else but as a part of voter in Malaysia, i hope someday i can make a change in it. 

The least i can do now is fight for what i can to stay in university.

I wish i got a smartass brain that would remember everything i read or maybe i am not working hard enough.

Shin Chan


  1. "you want good results? effort is all you need. this applies for both work and play"

    that's my friend's status on fb
    and i strongly think that's true.

    good luck!

  2. indeed. time and effort that you spend on certain things you want to improve on will for sure give out good result for you. ;)

    thank you!