Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cube Craft - Iron Man

The boss of Origin Cafe at Karamunsing introduce me to Cube Craft a month a go during the event Twestival and now i got it downloaded from
They had tones of cartoon character from Gundam, Iron man, Xmen, Strom Fighter and more.

It's free and you might need to pay abit to print it out. I use a thick paper at photocopy shop and had it print it out over there.

It doesn't required any glue but a razor sharp knife to cut all the shapes out.

Iron Man
Total cost = RM3.00 * depends on your photocopy store.

If you do not fancy expensive figure maybe you can consider cubecraft and it's really nice to have some miniature toy to place around for decoration some times.

Shin chan


  1. Very cute la!! Gonna try this when I finish exams. ^_____________^

  2. hahaa yea very cute. :D should try

  3. how the hell did you cut it so neat, i tried one as a test and it came out really messy

    1. try using ruler and a new sharp blade with a rough surface below to avoid any slip while you're cutting it. Best of luck! cheers. Do it slowly and no hurry about it. patient my friend. ;)