Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Man i seriously don't know how am i going to survive for the next 4 years with every final exam coming right up at the end of semester. It's like the largest pain in the ass that happen twice a year. 

Great to say that i am still alive. Nothing inspired me to blog lately and all i see every single day is books, books and books. I got to admit that my first exam seriously blow a hole in my skull. I can't even understand what is it all about. It's statistic and don't think if it like your SPM STPM or A-level statistic because they are nothing compare to university statistic. Lord who would be so brilliant to create all kind of test to determine the data. 
Anyway, it's all over now and i hope i don't need to retake it.

Messy table

My exam is going to end at 13 May and i have plans in making videos for my blog. I always wanted to make videos about my daily live and hopefully it might inspire people around me. It's all about fun at the end of the day.

In the mean time, examination period can really bring the weirdest part of me. Instead of reading books, i went to check every single air tickets that is available in Air Asia, FireFly and MAS. While others are studying and complaining how terrible is it and how stressful they are on Facebook status, i in the other hand posted tones of Promos ticket to all around the world! :D 

There is nothing better than travelling around the world and enjoying yourself while you are not tie to any commitment in future working life.

Now recently for the past few months, when i announced my annual travel plan on Facebook i have been questioned from tones of people how and why am i so rich going travel around places. How did i get my cash? Did i rob the bank for real? 

The ultimate secret is. Save & willingness 

Do you willing to empty your bank account just to travel around after a year of hard earn cash? I do. because i am still young and i know i can easily save up cash when i start to work again. Besides, when i start to work, i am sure that i won't be having much time to travel around, hence my incomes will pill up. Excluding my daily expanses off course. 

At least if i were to chose between a Rm2000 iphone and a trip to somewhere, i would rather chose travelling. That's how dedicated i am to my travelling. 

I hate it when i state something like 'i wish i can travel more around the world'. Then people start to comment like "I thought you are rich or something like that"

Anyone that thought i am rich is totally wrong. I am just good at managing my time and cash and love to travel a lot. 

Sorry but i think i am just going to stop here because my mind just got distracted by notes and books again.

I will be making videos after my exam! I had all the draft written and organize like a producer or director or something like that. So do remember to stay tune for it. 

Shin chan


  1. All the best in your coming exam! All your work for now will give u great returns! :D Cheers!

  2. Hey Shin Chan! I have the same thoughts as yours. I save my 1 and half year salary to visit 4 countries last year - Hong Kong, Macau, Japan & Taiwan for 3 consecutive months.

    While seeing other people buying new gadgets such as iphone, BB, HTC, I myself still using SE w810i since 2006. I rather bought new camera for my trips.

    For more of my trip, you can view my blog. Hahaha

  3. mei tzeu : haha thank you!

    Diane : yea i saw your post already. :) awesome place i got to say. will be visit those place very soon. :D