Friday, April 22, 2011

How I Clear My Mind

Studying was never fun and yet everybody seem to be going through it all around the world for the sake of so call receiving proper education.

But i got to admit that having exam in university does reflect how real life really are in future. There will be tone of 'real life test' we need to go through and sorry to bring this up but it will never end until the end of life. Every stages of life there will be tests. Like it or not and fight it you will.

So in the mist of burying myself in books i decided to go for a climb session and this is how terrible it was.

I probably well-known for my monkey and lame jokes when i do my rock climbing. Sometimes i even love to show it off to others just for the sake of challenging them that they can do better too.

Don't hate me for it but we all enjoy what we are doing to each another.

Exercise really help when you are stress and specially you are preparing yourself for a major exam. go out and take a walk or something. It is no point staying in a small crappy room and study until you day dreaming.

It works for me. What about you?


  1. Spiderman!! Do it better next time!!

  2. hahahahaha. yea! for sure i will do it better next time. haha