Friday, April 1, 2011

I love April Fool

Who doesn't love April Fool? It's like one of the important day that you waited for every year. Some might got pranked and some prank others but it doesn't matter who prank who because we all enjoyed the process of being young and playful. 

Now i am not sure how many people believe that i stop blogging but i know i received a few inbox massages and chat massages  asking me about why did i shut my blog down. I still really can't believe there will be people believe my prank about stop blogging. Some are smart and immediately shoot me down by greetings me Happy April Fool Day.

Now this is where i refresh your question that most of the people wonder why am i called Shin Chan. There must be something about me to be label as Shin Chan right? 

I am sure those that got prank will remember forever in their life and from now on understand why i am called Shin Chan. It's okay guys, it's okay to be silly once in a while. I did stupid and silly things before so does the rest of the world.

So how did your Prank Day go? Mine was pretty awesome. :D Here are the list of the pranks that i did.

1. Draw friend's motorbike helmet with non-permanent marker pen.  
2. Stick hilarious sticker behind someone back. Old school style

3. Make a prank call to people that care about me and told them that i am in hospital.
   * Not encourage
4. Add salt into others water. *Highly recommended 
5. Put into relationship and shock the whole world. *it's up to you to believe it or not
6. Draw on others container with marker pen.
7. Write on friend's facebook wall congratulating them about being a father.

I guess that about it. I wish i prepared myself more but i don't really had time this year.

You might be wondering did i got pranked? Yes! Offcourse!
My handphone got an 'shit drawing' sticker on it.

My book

One thing that might grab your attention is i even managed to prank myself.
My friend left her bottle in my car and asked me to take it back to her during the night class. Being a noble and kind hearted man i decided to help her change water and refill. It was a cover up tupperware bottle and i didn't bother to check what is the content of the water. So i decided to just do it what i always do with water changing which is splash the whole water to the entire toilet from the door.  

Just when i did that, i felt strange because i had a glimpse or dark water splashing out. Now how can that be? * in my mind. I turn on the light and found out that it was actually Herba Tea ' Har For Chao'. My whole toilet  instantly turn into 'Har For Chao' toilet. My basin, floor, wall, and toilet bowl are filled with it. Thank God mum shirt wasn't there. 

Lesson 101, check before you splash the water, never change water like me. 

So that's it your weekly entertainment from my blog. Hope you guys enjoy but seriously just laugh it out but never ever say i am stupid or dumb because i don't like those words. Just put it this way, i was careless and silly. :)

Shin Chan


  1. April fool, reminds me of the time when I was young. Eh wait, I'm not even close to old. LOL

  2. hahaha. we all need to do what we need to do. ;)

  3. wonder how long the drawing on the helmet lasted before they realised.

  4. after the guy drive the bike around in the campus. then he start to realize that people stare at him.