Friday, April 15, 2011

Kiansom Waterfall Inanam KK | Nearest Place for Sweet Escape

Vital Informations of Kiansom Waterfall

Inanam Kiansom waterfall is located 20 minutes away from Inanam town. Once you enter Inanam town you will see a Basel Church on 1o'clock on the round about. Go straight 12o'clock until the end of the road and you will reach the waterfall. 

1. Be careful while you're walking down the stone staircase because it can be really slippery.
2. Toilets are provided with shower and changing room. * minimum charges may required
3. Bring your own food and remember to clean up before you leave.
4. Beware of insect like ants and mosquito. *Depending on season
5. There are entrance fee RM1.50 for adults *may change from time to time
6. CCTV are now fixed to observe naughty monkeys in action. *information updated Oct 2012

It was the end of midterm exam and we decided to chilled at Kiansom waterfall. I woke up early in the morning and prepared some spaghetti for everyone. Having our food in the nature with the water splashing sound and tree branches wind breeze sound is a bliss. Definitely there is no where else you can find such calming and peaceful environment for you to chill in KK. Best of all, it's just half an hour drive and you're there. 

I'm not sure if the CCTV are real because there are signboard stating beware of cctv there. I guess there must be skinny dipping event happened before.

Hayden Chan


  1. Wah!! All gals except for 2 guys? Hehehehe...
    Your entry makes me miss life as a student.

    Good luck and all the best for coming exam.

  2. Looks really nice. Especially the coconut part. YUM.