Monday, April 11, 2011

Su Ra Sang Korea Restuarant Buffet Promo

Few more weeks to go and final semester examination arrive. Before i start to bury myself in the hell of books me and a group of coursemate decided to head down to Penampang, D junction Su Ra Sang for some buffet Korean Restaurant.

Free flow of green tea and tones of food to order on menu. It's not your typical buffet style but you must first order it before it can be serve to you. Any extra leftover foods will be charge.

Salmon & Butter fish

Salmon Sashimi

Ebi Tempura
Salmon Sushi

Salmon again

Egg cup

Salmon temayaki

The best thing about Su Ra Sang Buffet promotion is you can order as many times as you want. Just ask for the order form and you can order as long as you believe that you can finish it up.

First round
Well, i would suggest you to not order the side dishes and focus on the main dishes. The beef tasted fairly well and nothing to be wow about.

The rich is nice, fried taufu is rather normal, 'Tong fen' tasted nice

Empty your stomach before you come to dine in at Su Ra Sang buffer promotion. Like any other typical Malaysian, we always practice a fair consumer trade and in this case, we must eat back the Rm33 that we pay for the buffer or probably eat more than RM33 worth of foods.

Shin Chan

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