Monday, April 18, 2011

UMS Inter-School Basketball Competition

Like a high school, University also had their annual sport competition too. After tones of deathly training of basketball our school Food Science of Nutrition emerged as Second place and First place won by School of Economy. It was a tight fight after all and we lost by 2 points 63 - 31. It doesn't slow me down or made me felt bad till quit basketball instead it fire me up to train harder for next year Basketball competition

I got to say Engineering school was kinda rough when we face them. One of them even tried to pick a fight on me and shouted at me asking " do you want to fight?" Provocation can only lead to unwanted scenario. Lucky enough i hold my temper back and didn't make much of fuss out of it. So call brilliant brain engineering senior. I doubt he can even compete with me 1 on 1. 

Anyway here are some of the pictures that i snap during the final day of basketball competition.

2nd Place Medal

Eco school vs Nutrition school 

I'm Number Twelve

2nd place face

First place trophy  
Economy school, you guys can keep the trophy for this year because next year it will be ours. Just wait and see.

Awesome match and new friends were made. It is going to be a hectic semester break as i plan out an intensive basketball training timetable. I would probably featuring videos about my daily life, some sort of Vlog i guess. it's really popular these day.

Shin chan

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