Sunday, May 22, 2011

1 Replacing Facebook?



bang my head to the computer table a few times. after i read the news

What's the commotion? Previously i am written a post on how unique Malaysia is where we love to take existed idea and regenerated to our own form of idea. So much for the Blue Ocean Strategy. 

 Unique Malaysia Post link

I didn't realize that Malaysia had already started their project on creating our FIRST OWN social network. Dreaming by of replacing facebook accompany with the largest joke in the history. Malaysia is trying to Malaysianize almost everything they can.

Yea! i am so happy and proud of Malaysia's #1 ever social network! -.-

Yea right. i can even laugh and tear myself out upon opening the webpage that took roughly about 30 - 40 seconds compare to facebook. 

i wonder how will this turn out to be. Will it fail to achieve it's goal of replacing facebook and go down? Social network is not about just opening up a page and connect everybody. Facebook support games, apps, advertisement and lots of more features. 

All i want to say is, good luck to those behind the screen creating 1 I hope you guys are not driven by cash offer by the government somewhere underneath the table.

Now, who wants to sign in 1 

Here are the pros and cons about and i am going to compare it with facebook. 

Ops. Upon signing up i meet up an obstacle. Apparently you can't upload more than 597.66kb image size as profile picture. What a sad news, they don't have resizing image program whereas Facebook can resize you image without any pain in the ass. 

So with my teckie and geekie skills i resize my pictures to whatever size they wanted and finally my profile is ready to go. Come to think of it. It does look familiar right? Hmm. wonder where did i ever seen this website screen before.

From the first glance, it resemble almost 90% of facebook but when i start to click and maneuver around deeper inside. The capability of social networking of 1 only withstand 5% compare to

I guess they will upgrade their website but then again is it really necessary to have this? You be the judge. 

So who wants to add me in 

Shin Chan


  1. As I remember last time, the site was totally hacked. I hope the security issue has been fixed totally

  2. the gov just want to monitor you. period.

  3. rungitom. hack? my goodness

    santafire : yes i believe that too!

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  5. thank you UCO. i will consider that but not that soon. :)