Monday, May 2, 2011

Blogger of the year by WWWOW Awards

Last year i remember reading one something related to WWWOW Awards. Although i am not really sure what is it about but i get a rough idea of Vote and Win contest.

I register myself in the Blogger of the year categories and with a hope of miracle maybe i can strike the jackpot of RM 5,000 worth of prize. So by now if you have your own blog just go down to and submit yourself and stand the chance to be on par with me. Evil Dark Vader smile. Wait he doesn't smile.

How to vote? easy just click the link below and they will take you to the page of mine in there and you can easily register yourself with FB and Click VOTE for Hayden Chan.

Click it! now!

I know, i know. You guys are tired of people asking you to vote all those crappy competition in facebook and click like on it but this is different.

Like any other political candidate around the world. I promise if i win the competition i will do some charity or even blog more for you guys out there to read. You name it i try my best and do it.

If you don't like the 'link image above' No problem! Just click another one below.

It's the same anyway. The contest commences at 21 April until 20 June*.
Now who did i helped last time to vote in facebook, i will hunt them down one by one.

Shin Chan

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