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Face2Face | Facebook Party 2011

Party rock is in the house tonight! Everybody is having a good time! and we are going to lost your mind tonight! Everybody is having great time. - Party rock anthem song are awesome.

Try listening it at

Hey guys! How was your Saturday night guys? I got a VIP invitation by Sabahan Blogger to party over at Face2face Party 2011. The night was awesome and the atmosphere was perfect to party

This year Face 2 face party was held at 1Borneo behind Ice bar. I was very curious what is it all about since most of the people that are attending are from facebook.

Face2face VIP ticket on the face of Sam tan face. Didn't see him around that night thou.

Bloggers pictures
Here are the bloggers from the left Charlotte Fong, Edgar Gillingan , Second from right Jackie, and first from right Dino the owner of Imperial Hotel and also Breeze Magazine. 

Sapphire also known as Stephanie and she is also one of the blogger.
 In the picture above, she was holding her name card. She got the most creative name card i ever seen in my life. Simple, easy and really really cheap. Best of all, it is all handmade from her own sweat and blood.

Here with me is the DJs of the night.

Performance by Asian Duo Band. They sing really well

Jojo Struys was there doing Tap dancing. She is a Tv host, tap dancer, blogger, and writer.

VIP area

One thing special about VIP section was we were serve free flow of beer, soft drinks and also food snacks. I did try to drink but each time when place my beer on the table, someone would took it and drink. So at the end of the day i got myself free flow of soft drinks.

From left Dino,  Daniel the owner of and an artist * information to be updated

He is really friendly and crazy. He is Che'nelle's man. Some might not know who is Che'nelle. She is an international singer and musician. Check her out at Che'nelle's facebook page 

First i was kinda lonely because i don't really know anyone over there but at last i get to bump into my ex juniors from my high school. I got to say they grew up and become a fine lady. :p

Sigh. Girls.. They change immediately right after they graduated from highschool.

Pornstar here and poke !

Penny available 
GUYS what are you waiting for?!

Me & Henry Golding. Henry Golding is a host in ESPN sports check him out at his fanpage at Henry's page, he is in 8tv quickie, ESPN Castrol football crazy and modeling industry too. 

Some of my friends are crazy over Che'Nelle. I understand she is an international artist and produce good songs. Check her out at her fan page at Che'Nelle Page. She's pretty and i need to check her music video out.

One her top album hitz song is I feel in love with DJ. I think you guys should have heard it before because there were once her song was kept on playing over and over again at

Now only i realize i was taking picture with someone that is really famous. :X

Move on i meet Jojo Struys.

Jojo Struys

If i am not mistaken when i was younger she appear in NTV7during the weekends to do cartoon channel hosting. I was young and i find her quite cute and her voice is really charming and soft. Never thought of meeting her in real that night. :D Check her blog out at and also her page at Jojo's page .

Sapphire starts Facebook logo drawings on  me. 

Rica from!

Face2face partay!

Cassie! from! Dirty little secret; I always get confuse between Rice and Cassie. I always need to think twice before calling their name. :S

Jackie! She hosted KK Twestival few months ago.

So guys this is it about face2face party 2011. I think next year there will be more people joining the party and i would love to be there again. I know there are tones of animal party in KK but most of them are shy and doesn't like mix around. I believe all those will change in times.

Before i end the post..

Call me! sexy lips here and i'm horny sticker. 

Happy holiday to all my coursemate. Don't be jealous that you can't be there because there will be always next year guys.
As for KK people, make sure you be there next year because you just miss out a major event.

Hayden Chan

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