Saturday, May 14, 2011

Face2Face KK Sabah

It was Friday the 13th and it was a really bad day to all of us bloggers out there. Apparently all of our blog clash and went into some sort of temporary maintenance. Nothing like this ever happen to me before and the impact was really big.

I lost one of my previous advertorial blog on face2face, Facebook party. Let's not let the stupid spoil my mood and focus on the party.

Just a simple promo if you not sure what is it about yet and still thinking of going or not.
PLACE : It's at 1Borneo behind Icebar outdoor Arena.
TIME : 9pm - 3am
Date : 14 May 2011

See you guys over there! i will be in VIP area. Before i forget. thank you Sabahan blogger association for giving me free VIP ticket! Greatly appreciated it.

Early Bird tickets are on sale for just RM 25 until April 25th 2011. Presales are selling for RM 40 from April 25th to May 12th. Early birds and presales can be purchased from Ice Bar, 1Borneo Concierge, Imperial Hotel & Pose Boutique (Centre Point).

Tickets can be purchased for residents outside of Kota Kinabalu by bank deposit. Purchase details on face2face - facebook party KK 2011 event page

Ice Bar is offering a fantastic deal for RM 780:
- 6 entrance tickets
- 2 bottles of Glenlivet Whiskey
- Exclusive table booking
Contact Addie +60138761177 or Mat +60128432414 for table bookings.

Sorry guys it's an 18 above event. ;)

As for others, please don't get drunk and drive. Party safe!

Disclaimer this is an adertisment sponsor by Mile high Sounds & Portfolio Events KK


  1. Loves to meet Jojo Struys after read her awesome blog but too bad, I am not a party girl. =P

    Anyway, enjoy the party to the max

  2. Hayden, by the way, Jojo from Singapore meh? I thought she is Malaysian.