Wednesday, May 11, 2011

FPS Russia

Lately i have been browsing through youtube for new videos. Youtube videos are amazing you can literary watch almost anything in there except for the porn. Anyway,i stumble upon this awesome dude that sound like a Russian.

What is so awesome about him is he make almost every single pure man dream come true. According to him he is a full time youtube video maker and his videos are one of the kind and you can never find it out from Kevjumba, Nigahiga or even Freddiew.

His name is Dimitri and he make tones of impossible dreams happen. Things that you will never see in real except for the movies in cinema.

My personal favorite video from him.

He used an AK 47 and blow up the Thermite place under the tree. You got to watch it to believe it. crazy it might sound but it's real.

Maybe you are thinking that he only shoots around and doesn't really talk much but watch this as there were once his youtube channel got hack.He is one Russian you don't want to mess with.

Another thing that we had in common are. Justin Bieber.

I guess we all wish we can do that to Justin bieber.

He also make nutrition breakfast review on how to make Russian Breakfast of Champion by adding in some vodka into his cereal. He got a point there.

He also send a personal message to all the smartphone user around the world try not to view his video with smartphone or else he will do something like this.

He is one hell of a guy. I like his way to express himself.

For guys that play Call of Duty black ops. i am sure you guys know about Remote control car that explode once reach to designated target. Check it out on how he did it with his own remote control car.

Do check him out. He is my latest favorite youtube celebrities for now.

His video is so freaking awesome.

Shin Chan

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