Monday, May 30, 2011

German Bread & Pizza | Home-made & Fresh | Food Review

Anyone notice the new German Bread & Pizza in town at Damai same roll with the post office? I am sure to those people that practice healthy diet life style and have a plan to start a healthy diet lifestyle, this might be your next stop for healthy Sandwiches and Pizza

We were lucky when the boss of German Bread & Pizza Mr Thomas invited me and WenPink over to try out his finest German Pizza and in return i will share the good food to everybody over here.

They offer different varieties of German pastries. Every one of the food are home made and fresh. Best of all they are also free from preservative and very nice compare to other to most of the commercialize bakery store around in KK.

Fast take away Sandwich is available too if you are in a hurry. 

Ciabatta An Italian bread with a bit of sourish taste and slightly smell like fermented and it is medium crunchy outside and soft inside.

Roasted Onion Dread

The bread is strong with roasted onion fragrance and it is really appetizing once you smell the fragrance. The bread taste slightly with onion taste and soft too. I think it will be awesome if it is serve with mushroom soup.

Garlic Cheese Bread

Cheesy with Garlic fragrance bread. Crunchy and mouth watery. There is no doubt i can taste the both cheese and garlic and best of all as a cheese lover i got to say this is a must try bread on the store.

Wen Pink

She only had 2 slices of pizza and gave everything to me. Lucky me i was really hungry that day. I think i know her more than 4 years already. She just travel a lot around.

Here we get abit of tutorial and explanation how does dough was make in their shop and how fresh is it.

Chocolate Muffin
Thick and big embed chocolate chips on chocolate muffin is a good take away for sweet tooth people. The layer outside is slightly crunchy but when you go down deep it's really soft and the taste of chocolate is strong. Not too sweet and just nice for everyone including a person that doesn't favor sweet stuff like me.

Chicken BBQ Pizza

They are really generous on the toppings. One of the pizza i tried the other day was Chicken slices toppings with fresh mushroom, capsicum and homemade herb tomato sauce spread with tasty BBQ sauce. The pizza dough is really crunchy and not oily at all compare to Pizza hut. Well, since i am under my 20 weeks training it doesn't make me guilty at all after having almost the entire pizza all to myself because it is really low fat.

Two of the best seller pizza are Pepperroni and Chicken Hawaiian Pizza
One pizza would take roughly around 6 to 8 minutes and it is still consider really fast compare to other pizza restaurant in town. Best of all, the dough of the pizza are made freshly every single day with their own homemade secret recipe.

Mr Thomas & Me

Mr Thomas was really a friendly to every customers and he is fill with humor too. I remember i asked him are these the legendary fighting bread? He was surprise and say it's really soft how can you fight with it? If you want to get one, you need to find it somewhere else and maybe you can really knock someone with it.

Did you guys try before the french loaf here? it's softer compare the one at Giant Supermarket. Infact, I think i can even kill someone with the one in Giant supermarket.

This is how the shop look like from across the street.

They also offer pick and drive-thru service if you want to  be fast on Pizza.

If you fancy and doubt which to pick between the pizza, no worries! they also offer two different pizza topping on one pizza. So you can enjoy two pizza in one.

Just in case if you still couldn't know where is the shop located. Here is a decent simple map, marked by me.

Business hour : 8.30am - 8.30pm
Contact number : 017 8383193

The next healthy place to be in town. ;)

Hayden Chan


  1. Wow 4 years already?!?! REALLY?!?!? O__O Btw, i only had ONE slice of pizza ok! HAHAHAHAHA!! U ate them allll! :P BLuekkk~

  2. whaoooo nice bread ! moreover nice price ! i wish we have something like that here in canada which is the price of malaysia

  3. i want visit one day too!
    but duno when i'll make my first visit to KK also.. :P

  4. wen.yes! i calculated and it is more than 4 years already. hahaha
    ariel. hahaha yea. i am sure you do. ;p we all miss you here

    Ken. if you come ken' let me know! i bring you try every single food in kk